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 *      spherelight.cc : this is the implementation for spherelight
 *      This is part of the yafray package
 *      Copyright (C) 2002  Alejandro Conty EstÚvez
 *      This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 *      modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
 *      License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
 *      version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 *      This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *      but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *      Lesser General Public License for more details.
 *      You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
 *      License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
 *      Foundation,Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA

#include "spherelight.h"


sphereLight_t::sphereLight_t(const point3d_t &p, PFLOAT r, int nsam, int psam, const color_t &c, CFLOAT pw, int qmcm, bool dm)
      pos = p;
      rad = r;
      if (psam<0) psam=0;
      pred_samples = psam;
      samples = nsam+psam;    // samples is total number of samples of which pred_samples used to estimate shadowing
      // samples must be at least 1
      if (samples<1) {
            samples = 1;
            std::cerr << "[spherelight]: number of samples must be at least 1\n";
      // if radius <= 0.01, assume light is pointlight, only one sample needed
      if (rad<=0.01) {
            rad = 0.0;
            std::cerr << "[spherelight]: radius of light very small, assuming pointlight\n";
            samples = 1;
      samdiv = 1.0/(CFLOAT)samples;
      color = c*pw;
      qmc_method = qmcm;
      HSEQ = new Halton[2];
      dummy = dm;

color_t sphereLight_t::illuminate(renderState_t &state, const scene_t &s, const surfacePoint_t sp, const vector3d_t &eye) const
      if (dummy) return color_t(0.0);
      const shader_t *sha= sp.getShader();
      vector3d_t dir = pos-sp.P();
      CFLOAT Ld  = dir*dir;
      if (Ld!=0.0) Ld=1.0/Ld;

      if (rad==0.0) {
            // pointlight
            const void *oldorigin=state.skipelement;
            bool dark=s.isShadowed(state, sp, pos);
            if (!dark)
                  return sha->fromLight(state, sp, energy_t(dir, color*Ld), eye);
            return color_t(0.0);

      PFLOAT du, dv;
      vector3d_t u, v;
      color_t totalcolor(0.0);

      createCS(dir, u, v);

      if (qmc_method) {

      int sm, Ltot=0;
      point3d_t dp = pos;
      for (sm=0;sm<samples;sm++)
            if ((pred_samples) && (sm==pred_samples)) {
                  // if points totally lit or totally shadowed, stop now
                  if (Ltot==sm) return (totalcolor/(CFLOAT)sm); else if (Ltot==0) return color_t(0.0);
            ShirleyDisc(HSEQ[0].getNext(), HSEQ[1].getNext(), du, dv);
            dp = pos + rad*(du*u + dv*v);
            dir = dp - sp.P();
            Ld = dir*dir;
            if (Ld!=0.0) Ld=1.0/Ld;
            const void *oldorigin=state.skipelement;
            if (!s.isShadowed(state, sp, dp)) {
                  totalcolor += sha->fromLight(state, sp, energy_t(dir, color*Ld), eye);
      return totalcolor*samdiv;

sphereEmitter_t::sphereEmitter_t(const color_t &c, const point3d_t &p, PFLOAT rad)
      color = c;
      pos = p;
      radius = rad;


void sphereEmitter_t::numSamples(int n)
      lcol = color/((CFLOAT)n);

void sphereEmitter_t::getDirection(int num, point3d_t &p, vector3d_t &dir, color_t &c) const
      dir = RandomSpherical();
      PFLOAT r = ourRandom()*radius;
      vector3d_t u;     //==0
      if ((dir.x==0.0) && (dir.y==0.0)) {
            if (dir.z<0.0) u.x=-r; else u.x=r;
      else {
            PFLOAT d = dir.y*dir.y + dir.x*dir.x;
            if (d!=0.0) d=r/sqrt(d);
            u.x = dir.y*d;
            u.y = -dir.x*d;
      p = pos+u;
      c = lcol;

light_t *sphereLight_t::factory(paramMap_t &params, renderEnvironment_t &render)
      color_t col(1.0);
      PFLOAT r = 1;
      point3d_t p;
      CFLOAT pw = 1;
      int nsam=16, psam=0;
      int qmcm = 0;
      bool dm = false;

      params.getParam("from", p);
      params.getParam("radius", r);
      params.getParam("color", col);
      params.getParam("power",  pw);
      params.getParam("samples", nsam);
      params.getParam("psamples", psam);
      params.getParam("qmc_method", qmcm);
      params.getParam("dummy", dm);

      return new sphereLight_t(p, r, nsam, psam, col, pw, qmcm, dm);

pluginInfo_t sphereLight_t::info()
      pluginInfo_t info;

      info.name = "spherelight";
      info.description="spherical arealight";

      info.params.push_back(buildInfo<POINT>("from", "Position of the spherelight"));
      info.params.push_back(buildInfo<FLOAT>("radius", 0.0f, 100000.0f, 1.0f, "Radius of the spherelight"));
      info.params.push_back(buildInfo<COLOR>("color", "Light color"));
      info.params.push_back(buildInfo<FLOAT>("power", 0.0f, 100000.0f, 1.0f, "Light intensity"));
      info.params.push_back(buildInfo<INT>("samples",1,5000,50, "Number of shadow samples"));
      info.params.push_back(buildInfo<INT>("psamples",0,1000,0, "Minimum of samples to estimate shadowing"));
      info.params.push_back(buildInfo<INT>("qmc_method",0, 1, 0, "The sampling method"));
      info.params.push_back(buildInfo<BOOL>("dummy", "Use only to shoot photons, no direct lighting"));

      return info;


extern "C"

YAFRAYPLUGIN_EXPORT void registerPlugin(renderEnvironment_t &render)
      render.registerFactory("spherelight", sphereLight_t::factory);
      std::cout<<"Registered spherelight\n";


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