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areaLight_t Class Reference

#include <arealight.h>

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Detailed Description

Implementation of a quad Arealight

Creates a quad filled with samples to illuminate objects. It has penumbra prediction with a configurable numer of samples. So if you create it with 60 samples and 20 for penumbra prediction, it will shoot first 20 random rays trying to skip 60 if possible.

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Definition at line 60 of file arealight.h.

Public Member Functions

 areaLight_t (const point3d_t &a, const point3d_t &b, const point3d_t &, const point3d_t &d, int nsam, const color_t &c, CFLOAT inte, int fsam=0, bool dum=false)
virtual emitter_t * getEmitter (int maxsamples) const
virtual color_t illuminate (renderState_t &state, const scene_t &s, const surfacePoint_t sp, const vector3d_t &eye) const
virtual void init (scene_t &scene)
virtual point3d_t position () const
virtual void postInit (scene_t &scene)
void setDummy ()
void useInIndirect (bool u)
bool useInIndirect () const
void useInRender (bool u)
bool useInRender () const
virtual ~areaLight_t ()

Static Public Member Functions

static light_tfactory (paramMap_t &params, renderEnvironment_t &render)
static pluginInfo_t info ()

Protected Member Functions

int fillQuad (const point3d_t &a, const point3d_t &b, const point3d_t &c, const point3d_t &d, std::vector< point3d_t > &points_vector, std::vector< std::pair< vector3d_t, vector3d_t > > &jit_vector, int samp)
int guessLight (renderState_t &state, const scene_t &s, const surfacePoint_t &P, const vector3d_t &N) const

Protected Attributes

color_t color
 The color of the light.
point3d_t corner
vector3d_t direction
 The normal of the quad.
bool dummy
point3d_t from
 An average point to return as position.
int fsamples
 Number of penumbra prediction samples.
std::vector< std::pair
< vector3d_t, vector3d_t > > 
 The jitter vectors, they are randomly added to the samples while shading.
std::vector< point3d_t > points
 The sample points.
 The intensity of the light.
int samples
 Numeber of samples.
vector3d_t toX
vector3d_t toY
bool use_in_indirect
bool use_in_render

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